Transcription Services



Our medical transcription services are what providers say they cannot live without, because it saves them much needed time that they need with their patients, as well as money. Providers can see more patients per day and do not receive any penalties from government programs. View our testimonials and videos to see what others are saying about our services. Every medical practice or hospital system has its unique way of getting things done and we customize our client’s transcription service to meet their needs. All transcriptionists are highly qualified and live in the United States; nothing is done overseas. We follow all HIPAA rules and regulations with our secure processes.



Transcription is placed into an MS Word document, quality checked, and saved in the client’s desired format. The client can pick the documents up via our secure website, which also features other options such as edit, print, electronic signature, and fax. The website can be viewed from a mobile device for those providers who are on the go or for after hours and emergency calls. Clients are assigned a transcriptionist or a team of transcriptionists who work specifically on their account, which improves quality and turnaround time. Our turnaround time is within 24 hours, but usually same day. STAT service is also available for a return of 1 to 4 hours, depending upon the volume needed.


We transcribe a variety of legal recordings into Microsoft Word documents using appropriate templates, which are customized according to the client’s needs. The documents are picked up via our secure website, in which the client can view, edit, print, electronically sign, fax, etc.

  •  Depositions
  •  Legal Contracts
  •  Medico-Legal
  •  Independent Medical Exams (IME)
  •  Telephone Recordings
  •  Administrative Hearings
  •  Employment Hearings
  •  Worker’s Compensation
  •  Recorded Trials
  •  Police interviews
  •  And more.




Detail your services

Fast, Accurate & Confidential Corporate Transcription

  •  Meetings
  •  Seminars
  •  Memos
  •  Training booklets
  •  Rules and Regulations
  •  Conferences


We convert audio of videos into text, which makes the content more accessible to people who have hearing impairments, etc. Offering a video transcript is a terrific way to clarify your message and boost your search engine optimization strategy.

  •  Commercials
  •  Movies
  •  Interviews
  •  Academic videos
  •  Conference proceedings
  •  Motion pictures
  •  General recordings
  •  Surveillance recordings
  •  Television series
  •  Educational materials
  •  Corporate training videos
  •  Documentaries
  •   And more!



MT Solutions

Closed captioning (CC) is matching transcribed text to the moving visual images on a screen. Viewers/potential customers watch videos with closed captioning in cases where volume cannot be used.

  •  Movies

  •  TV programs

  •  Video games

  •  YouTube videos


We transcribe a variety of general including:

  •  Academic
  •  Insurance
  •  Market Research
  •  Website
  •  Earnings Call
  •  Govt/Org
  •  Sermon
  •  Focus Group
  •  Authors/Books


MT Solutions provides Fast, Friendly, and Reliable Transcription Services. Leave the typing and clicking to us!