Virtual Scribe

Virtual Scribes place the dictated information directly into the sections of the electronic health record. The review of systems and physical exam sections can also be dictated, and we do all the click work in those areas. The entire record is then proofread and analyzed to ensure that the appropriate analytics are being met for government audits and other program audits. No need to hire an extra person in house to analyze, because this is included in our transcription service. The data is strategically placed into the standardized chart where it is supposed to go. (Many times, providers spend valuable time inputting data to only fail audits because the data is placed into the wrong area). Lastly, the record is sent to the provider for review and signature. We work with any EMR/EHR vendor including, but not limited to, the following: 



MT Solutions’ virtual scribe and transcription system are also compatible with specialty EHR systems.

  • NextGen Health Fusion (Internal Medicine/Neurology/Orthopedic)
  • HST Pathwys (Orthopedic surgery, hand surgery, spine surgery)
  • Modernizing Medicine (Orthopedic surgery, hand surgery, spine surgery)
  • Flat Iron/ONCO (Oncology/Hematology)
  • McKesson iKnowMed (Oncology/Hematology)
  • Varian Aria (Oncology/Hematology)
  • gGastro/gMed
  • prognoCIS (Gastroenterology)
  • And many more!


If an in-house scribe is preferred, this can also be outsourced to MT Solutions. No need to pay the extra overhead of health insurance and other benefits. We manage all of this for our clients, as well as, training and scheduling for days off, sickness, vacations, etc. 



Need help with your VR system?  You can send us your VR audio for editing. 

New to VR? View our Products Page for Dragon gear. We also offer counseling and training. Although VR is not the easiest path to take, we do sale the Dragon System and offer training and consultation, as well as, we also provide editing services, which are highly recommended. (See our products page for more details. Clients who purchase our editing services, receive heavy discount on products. Contact us for details on pricing). 




It is important to have an analyst to verify that all the data is in the correct location within an electronic health record, as well as, verify that data is not missing that would keep the record from passing important analytic tests that are needed for government programs, etc. Often, providers enter smoking status or pain status into the wrong section and therefore they do not receive credit for it. Our analysts are trained to ensure that the data is properly located within the EHR. Many hospitals and clinics are hiring analysts to provide this service for them and paying expensive benefits, but this can be done securely and remotely by our analysts for half the price. Our analyst services are purchased individually on a per hour basis; however, this service is included with our virtual scribe service which is purchased on a per line basis. Either way you go these things will happen:

You will save time
You will save money
Your records will pass analytical audits
Your records will improve in quality with less errors