Dictate via Landline Phone:

Call in to a local number and enter your personalized four-digit PIN number. Next, dictate using our easy call-in instructions, which provide convenient functions like fast forward, rewind, and pause. 

Dictation via Smartphone App:

Our smartphone APP turns your iPhone or Droid into a dictation device, which allows for the flexibility of being able to dictate anywhere that mobile service or WIFI is available. Completed transcription can also be viewed via the APP. 

Dictate via Digital Handheld Recorder:

Olympus and Phillips are common handheld recorders used by professionals. Dictate via the handheld and upload the dictations to us. Several options are available for uploading. Visit our Products Page to learn more about handheld dictaphones. Bundle transcription services with the purchase of a handheld device to receive a major discount. Contact us for details on bundle price. 

Voice Recognition:

Need help with your VR system?  You can send us your VR audio for editing. 

New to VR? View our Products Page for Dragon gear. We also offer counseling and training.