We understand that you may be concerned about outsourcing. After all, the dictation/transcription process directly impacts patient care and overall compensation.

We understand you may naturally feel anxious as you visit the many transcription company websites and you may feel unsure of who to call. It is a terribly stressful decision to make. Please do not feel alone, there are other people online right now trying to sort through it all as well.

With MT Solutions, you will be able to put those worries to rest. I know, you are probably still not so sure, right? There are many reasons why you are visiting this site today. Below is a list of possibilities:

  • Your current transcription provider is repeatedly behind on the work; hence, slowing down your cycle.
  • Your current transcription provider does not produce the quality you were expecting.
  • Your current transcription provider charges you way too much, cutting into your budget for other office needs.
  • You are currently using in-house transcriptionists and you would like to cut-down on costs and stop paying benefits. Not to mention, the office space could come in handy for new pods, etc.

MT Solutions has been in business since 1992. We work hand in hand with our clients to setup their specific needs and to provide them with the services they pay us for. It is our job to provide our clients with:

  • Quality Documents
  • 24-hour or Less Turnaround Time
  • Reasonable and Competitive Pricing
  • Immediate/STAT documents
  • Customer Support/Training
  • Technology/Compatibility

BONUS: MT Solutions will match or lower the current rate you are paying for transcription. MT SOlutions WILL NOT charge you a penny for setup and training. There is no need to hesitate any us today...


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